HADashboard is not refreshing entity statuses

Hi, I am using the AppDaemon 4 (version 0.2.6) add on for Home Assistant. I am running HassOS 4.11 with Supervisor 229 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

I have set up a HADashboard which I access via http://:5050/Home

The problem I have is that the panel status is not being updated at all. If I change a switch status (e.g. turn the switch on) then the status change is not reflected in the HADashboard panel until I refresh the page. This is happening for all of the entities being displayed. None of them shows the realtime value.

Is there a way to get the page to refresh automatically?

If I browse to the Entities tab on the admin page http://:5050, I can see the switch status changing in realtime without refreshing. How do I get the dashboard to also refresh the switch status in realtime?

After trial and error, I have discovered the issue. I was including a bottom panel in the layout of the dashboard:

    - my_light, label
    - include: bottom_panel

The bottom_panel.dash file also included an widget called “label”. As soon as I renamed the “label” widget in the bottom_panel.dash file to “label_bottom”, my switches started responding to events and showed the current status in realtime.