HADashboard Multiple Dashbooard Navigation

The above dashboard work perfectly. I can navigate to other panels via the buttons “All Cameras”, “Front door full” etc. The dashboard code is as follows

  widget_type: clock
  widget_style: "font-size 200%:"
  time_style: "color: yellow;"
  date_style: "color: red;"
  entity: alarm_control_panel.alarm_control_panel
  title: Alarm Setting
  widget_style: "background: blue;"
  widget_type: alarm
  widget_type: binary_sensor
  entity: binary_sensor.neo_coolcam_doorwindow_detector_sensor
  title: Front Door 
  icon_off: mdi-arrow-collapse
  icon_on: mdi-arrow-expand
  widget_type: binary_sensor
  entity: binary_sensor.neo_coolcam_doorwindow_detector_sensor_2
  title: Down Stairs Family  
  icon_off: mdi-arrow-collapse
  icon_on: mdi-arrow-expand
  widget_type: binary_sensor
  entity: binary_sensor.sensor
  title: Bedroom  
  icon_off: mdi-arrow-collapse
  icon_on: mdi-arrow-expand
  widget_type: cover
  entity: cover.double
  title: Garage Door
  widget_style: "background: blue;"
  icon_on: mdi-garage-open
  icon_off: mdi-garage
  widget_type: media_with_volume
  entity: media_player.kitchen
  title: Sonos Kitchen
  icon_on: mdi-speaker
  icon_off: mdi-speaker-off
  step: 1
  widget_type: media_with_volume
  entity: media_player.bathroom
  title: Sonos Bathroom
  icon_on: mdi-speaker
  icon_off: mdi-speaker-off
  step: 1
  title: Joannie
  widget_type: device_tracker
  entity: device_tracker.joannie3648s_iphone
  icon_on: fa-female
  icon_off: fa-female
  title: Budski
  widget_type: device_tracker
  entity: device_tracker.buds_iphone
  icon_on: fa-male
  icon_off: fa-male
  widget_type: weather
  entity: group.weather
  units: "°F"

  - include: navigation-deffinition
  - clock (2x1), alarm_control_panel, neo_coolcam_doorwindow_detector_sensor, neo_coolcam_doorwindow_detector_sensor_2, sensor
  - buds_iphone, joannie3648s_iphone, double, bathroom, kitchen, sensor.set_point, sensor.current_temp, climate.home
  - switch.sonoff_power, switch.sonoff_power2, switch.sonoff_power3, switch.zooz_unknown_type0101_id000a_switch
  - camera, frontdoorbig, backyardbig, garagebig, weather.weather (2x2)

I change the position of the weather widget as follows and non of the navigation buttons work. I tried to trace the flow and it looks like the bad one get’s some type of error after the click event in jquery-3.1.1min.js

Could you post the error so we can help you figure out the reason?

There is no error only that the navigation button don’t work. As I said I tried to trace the flow (did not say using chrome developer tools) but could not determine the problem. I am not a java coder and not that familiar with the developer tools. I you can give me some guidance I would be glad to try to trace the problem


I want to close this issue. Found out that I had originally down loaded the weather widget from github and it in my appdeamon folders. I removed the definition from my folders and everything worked. There was never any error messages either when using the dashboard or from the restart in hassio.