HADashboard notify action

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is there anyway to have HADash change to another page with a notification from a status change of an input.

Basically i have HA running in my campervan self build (as well as my house). When i put the van in reverse i want the dash with my rear view camera to automatically load. Is this doable in HADash or even would it possible to do via a external command in HA?


it is possible, but you need to write an app for that.

you can use a listen_state for any sensor and then when that sensor gets a certain state you could use dash_navigate to go to a certain dashboard.


not sure where to start with that :slight_smile: not done much at all awith appdaemon - i presume you are referring to this looking at the writing appdaemon apps section on the guide.

Have you any pointers?


starting at looking at the docs how to create an app will help, but if you have no experience with python it could also be helpfull to look at my tutorial.

in the appdaemon API ( http://appdaemon.readthedocs.io/en/latest/APIREFERENCE.html# )
the most important parts for you would be the functions listen_state and dash_navigate.
in the end the app would look something like:

import appdaemon.appapi as appapi

class your_classname(appapi.AppDaemon):

  def initialize(self):

  def what_to_do(self, entity, attribute, old, new, kwargs):
    if new == "the_value_you_want":
    the_time_you_want_to_show_the_dashboard = 20
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