Hadashboard on tablet, which the best configuration?

I will receive a tablet (android 7) for usage with hadashboard soon. I have some doubts

  1. which browser is best suited
  2. which parameters to use for best experiece (tablet is 10 inche 1920x1080)
  3. which power save option (I don’t think is good to keep it always on
  4. how would you turn it on with motion detection (external sensor??)

and so on.


  1. chrome is always a good choice
  2. that depends on what you like. you just need to see what fits you best.
  3. there are apps out there that give you the option to use a powersave. without that its hard to have your tablet turn on when you like it.
  4. turning it on with motion detection is only possible if you use an app like “fully”

can you recommend app for 3?


fully can do both 3 and 4.
isnt that hard to type it in playstore isnt it?
but i did that for you.


I was confused with the word “fully” as well,because it doesn’t sound like app name… :smiley:


thats why i used the quotes and said it was an app :wink:

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Did you figure out the ideal settings for a 10" tablet with a resolution of 1920x1080?

it depends on how big you want your widgets to show up.
you can have 10 widgets from 192 pixels without margins or you can have 20 from 96 without margins.
if you want to have margins then you have to deduct that from your total.

I found a post of yours in another thread where you laid out the scaling calculations beautiful and I used those with great success. However, when I balloon the size of the text to say 150%, it encroaches upon the icons. Is there a way to adjust the positioning of the icons down a bit further? How about the +/- controls for lights? On my current setup they are tiny and almost unusable.

Agreed, often they are unusable, even with big tiles

you can use any kind of css you like.

so you can set the top position, bottom position, height, etc.
in the docs you can read which style parts you can set.

as an example you can use:
icon_style_active: “top: 25%;” or
icon_style_inactive: “top: 40px;”

to change the size from the + and - you can use things like:
level_up_style: “font-size: 200%;height: 25%;top: 75%; bottom: None;”
level_down_style: “font-size: 25px”;height: 10%;"

about all these things you can read in the docs in the “dashboard creation” section.

About Fully, do i need the Plus version to have the motion sensor?

i have no idea

Fully is a very good option in my experience. You can try it for free, and its webpage also lists which features are in the PLUS version only.


Yes i see, but i don’t agree about the price… too much cost and only for one device !!!