HADashboard: Problems modifying climate widget

As stated in the subject, I’m having problems getting the climate widget looking just right.
It works fine in the normal skin, however I’m using a slightly modified dark_flower skin.

First problem:

I can’t make the higher/lower buttons larger without the right button dropping out of the widget area. I’ve tried using margin-right and padding-right, both work for the left button, but not the right one.

This is how it looks:

This is how it looks with font-size larger:

This is the widget config:

  widget_type: climate
  title: TADO
  entity: climate.heating
  step: 0.5
  title_style: "font-size: 120%;"
  level_style: "font-size: 400%; margin-top: 20px;"
  level_up_style: "font-size: 150%; margin-right: 10px; padding-right: 10px;"
  level_down_style: "font-size: 150%; margin-left: 0px;"
  icon_up: mdi-arrow-up-bold
  icon_down: mdi-arrow-down-bold

And this is what I added to variables.yaml of the skin (only part of the skin I modded):

climate_icon_up: mdi-arrow-up-bold
climate_icon_down: mdi-arrow-down-bold
climate_level_style: "color: $white"
climate_level_up_style: "color: $white"
climate_level_down_style: "color: $white"
climate_title_style: $style_title
climate_title2_style: $style_title2
climate_widget_style: $background_style

Second problem:

I can’t get the level text to become larger. It always stays the size as shown in the screenshots, however without the skin it works.

Could you please direct me to what I’m missing/overlooking?