HaDashboard Remote Access

Ihave setup Home Assistant and HADashboard on a linux box with Ubuntu 16.04 server. All works fine, and now i want to have remote acces to them. I can have remote acces to Home Assistant to all menus i have create and Remte Access to HADashboard but only to the first page, the page where
you can choose the dashboard you want to run (http:\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5050). When i click on a dashboard it stops and it gives me time out error. I have setup both with out ssl, i have open the ports to my router, but i can not think what else to look for. If i make a vpn connection to my place all works fine, run it from the ip my linux box has. Thanks a lot.

on this moment there is no support for remote access, because there is still no protection built in.
its on the list from Andrew.

the only right way to acces dashboard remotely is to setup nginx and dashboard behind it.
with nginx you then can setup ssl and password protection.

Rene is correct - HADashboard also doesn’t support SSL, however I am looking into both for the next release so stay tuned!

Just as an aside, take it from someone who held off on NGINX because it was scary.

It’s really not. After hemming and hawing over it, I finally installed it and it was much easier than it looked.

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i had the same thing at first.
installing my own server? that a big deal, i thought, untill i realized that i had already 2 running at the time. (HA and dashboard)
so from that moment on NGINX turned in just another program like HA or dashboard in my mind :wink: