HADashboard Screensaver

I hacked a screensaver into HADashboard. After ~5 minutes of no activity, this screensaver automatically loads. Tapping on the screen takes you back to the dashboard.

This required creating a custom theme and injecting some extra javascript and image files from an nginx webserver (I’m running it on the same Pi as HASS/HADashboard). I just drop pictures into a folder on my NAS and they get automatically added and it scrolls through the pictures like a digital picture frame. The weather slide uses the Weather Underground sensor in my HASS install. Background images change depending on the current weather conditions.

I haven’t documented the code, and it doesn’t follow best practices, but you can grab it from the custom_widgets and custom_css folder at https://github.com/cgarwood/homeassistant-config/tree/master/appdaemon

You’ll need to make some modifications to suit your environment. If there’s interest I can try to document it better and make better use of configuration variables.


Very cool indeed - I’d love to add that to the official build!

I kind of avoided some (most) of the “best practices” from the documentation because I was lazy and didn’t want to take the time to learn them :stuck_out_tongue: - but I’d love to see it in the official build and less of a hacked widget-turned-fullscreen. I’m more than happy to help, I’m just not very familiar with the inner workings of HADashboard.

I added it to my list of things to do - I’ll give you a shout if/when I need some inspiration :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing, can you share the detailed installation steps for everyone?

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Is it necessary to install appdeamon for the screensaver?
And can i use it with lovelace?

Greetings justin

Yes, this requires AppDaemon and HADashboard, it won’t work with Lovelace or any other HA UIs.

ow sad it isnt for lovelace. Thnx for your answere:)


May i have more documentation about how to integrate it into my hadashboard environment?
I grabbed the custom widget files but i don’t know how to modify my dashboard to have it working…

can this be modified to take you to tiles instead of HADashboard?

Was this added to the official build?

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