HADashboard vs TileBoard

I’m new to HASS generally and installed both HADashboard and TileBoard to see how they worked. TileBoard took no time at all to get up and running and to get it working at boot time. After several hours, I still can’t get HADashboard to launch at boot so I’m giving up on it. TileBoard is a bit trickier to set up dashboards and tiles as you have to pay careful attention to all your opening and closing brackets. One missed and you’re stuffed. Fine if you’re used to looking at JSON and can see the matching brackets without thinking but it’s caught me out a couple of times and then taken ages to find the missing/extra one to fix it.

What do other people think? What are you using to make your dashboards look nice?

Perhaps you can do tiles with Lovelace.

I am having the same issue. Installed HADashboard (which was a real pain to setup!) and installed TileBoard.

I don’t understand why you have to run a separate process to install HADashboard - although it is slightly easier to edit the config files. I decided the extra process wasn’t worth it (was constantly running at about 2/3% - which isn’t much but on a rPi that’s a lot) so I decided to go with TileBoard.

TileBoard is great as it is a simple html webpage with java behind. Although I definitely agree with you comments re it’s tricky to setup. I’d love if there were more out of the box options - but I guess it’s still new and think they’ve made a big effort and come a lot way.

So, I’ve ruled out HADashboad and holding out of TileBoard but intrested in hearing any other options. There was also the Home Assistant Control Panel which looked beautiful - but that’s sadly stopped development.

Yes, I looked at Home Access Control Panel too.

I’m amazed there isn’t a responsive dashboard out there.

You can use some basic normal text editor / IDE to control all your “unclosed brackets”…