Haier Flexis Plus integration


I have recently bought 6 Air Conditioners Haier Flexis Plus. The guy who sold them to me assured me that the integration will be possible via KNX. He forgot to mention that KNX modules are not built in, and it turns out that they cost lots of money. The ACs have WiFi built in and I can control them remotely using hOn application on my Android device, but you know… this is not what I want to achieve. I want Home Assistant to rule them all…

I have tried to look for other ways of integration. I was able to find several ideas but none of them seem to work with Heier Flexis Plus. Anyone can share his experience or maybe someone managed to do this.

This would be my failure if I was able to integrate everything I wanted in my home apart from ACs…

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I have the same issue here every plug-in has been developed for the previous app, smartclima. Nothing works fir hOn