Half way stopped covers


I have three openings (a garage gate, a garage curtain, and a door) all are working with a traditional RF remote :

  • If closed; push the remote button => The motor opens
  • If completely open, push the remote button => The motor closes
  • While opening, push the button => motor stops half way
  • While closing, push button => motor stops half way
  • If stopped half way, push button => If it was stopped opening it goes closing, if it was stopped closing it goes opening (it assumes you changed your mind)

The fact is I’m not sure of this last behaviour and as people pushing the button are not memorising what was the former command you never know wich way goes the door/curtain/gate when you push the remote button.

On these three I have an simple open/close sensor which gives me the info when it’s closed and it assumes that if it’s not closed it means it’s open.
I also connected relays on a traditional remote to be able to push the remote buttons from Home Assistant.
All these are working fine but not perfect.

I made covers of these three and I was wondering if I had to have an open/close sensor at the fully opened position ?

This would give me the three states (closed, open or half way stopped).
Are covers supposed to know the fully open state ?

For example, as is my config, to make a delay closing automation say after 2min open, I have to :

  • if open wait 2 min
    • push remote button
  • wait 2 min again and check again if open (cause I don’t know if the opening was going toward the closed position or toward the open position)
  • If still open
    • push button again.

Second problem : if the open/close sensor goes dark (battery dead, failure or tempered) , cover is returning ‘open’ which makes my automation loop.

To avoid this I decided to double the open/close sensors (I suppose if I have two sensors they’re not going dark simultaneously).

Has someone the same idea ? How to manage two open/close sensors in a cover for the ‘closed’ position) ?

Thanks for helping