Halloween flickering light effect for relay controlled lights?

Hi folks,

My front porch light is controlled by a sonoff basic running tasmota. For Halloween, I’d love to make it flicker like a gained house.

Had anyone done anything like this? I’m not sure if it would be the right choice to use an automation, a tasmota rule, or some other method.

Thanks for any help!

A relay is not the right choice for this. You will likely weld or burn out the contacts.

Okay, good to know.

I’ve also got some LED bulbs with tasmota, I’m assuming this would be a better choice.

Still looking for a way to make them flicker, like a dying fluorescent light.

Yes smart bulbs would be a much better choice.

There’s a candle effect for Tasmota LEDs (neopixel only).

I also saw bulbs at Home Depot today that replace standard bulbs and do exactly this…probably safer than trying to fake it with LEDs, more realistic too.

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And you can control them with your sonoff.