Halt and/or shutdown correctly


I tried the command lines halt then halt now but Hass.io does not shutdown.
And the shutdown command line does not exist.

Then after a logout on the web interface, how to correctly halt the Hass.io core system ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day.


did you tried the command line

hassio host shutdown

this takes a while to shutdown and restart.

For more commands :

hassio help

You can also shutdown from the frontend: Go the the Hass.io menu -> [3 dots in the right corner]->advanced

I’ll re-ask this… because every time I use Hassio host shutdown and leave the system down for an extended time (1 hr +) it wreaks havoc with my Zwave nodes… some nearly always come back as dead and require me physically re-set them.

Would it be better to…

  1. Stop the Zwave “system”
  2. Then shutdown HA… from within HA
  3. Then from the PUTTY command line shut the host down

If I need to shutdown the entire HA server (to power down) I go to: HassIO menu, system, shutdown.

If I’m just stopping HA so I can edit certain files via SSH I simply go to: Configuration, Server Control, Stop. Once done editing or whatever I use SSH to send a start command.

With either I those I have never had any problems with things not coming back to life.

Thats what Im doing too… But like Ive said… If I have the system powered down for a long enough time… I get some broken nodes

I’ve never had anything like that, I would ask regarding the quality of your memory card, but that would NOT affect Z-Wave nodes.
What manufacturers nodes are you losing ?
And which ‘may’ need resetting ?
Or are they the same ?