Hama thermostat mqtt schedule (beginners question)

Hey there!

I’m pretty new to HA and started with valetudo and Avatto/Hama/Tuya thermostats. I’m quite overwhelmed by Home Assistant, since the ways on getting stuff to run seem to be countless :slight_smile:
In a later setup, I want to make use of a temperature/humidity sensor in each room with thermostat as well as window/door sensors to have automation based on their data.

In short, I want to set the day and night temperature of each individual thermostat/room/area.

By standard, the device just exposes the daily schedules. However, you can enable it by publishing a message to set (see zigbee2mqtt device link).
Since I don’t want to differ in days for roomtemperature, I would like to use this setting. Is there any reason to not do that?
If I would use the weekly schedule, how to implement it? Create a custom entity? Use a script that takes the values and publishes a corresponding payload?

If I better not use this topic, what else would you suggest?
Use some the scheduler-card integration ? Go for better thermostat? Write my own yaml stuff? Any similar?

In general I would like to have my schedule in my dashboard where I can set the two temperatures and transition times per thermostat/room. I also want to be able to change the temperatures per thermostat individually.

Looking forward to your suggestion to get along with home assistant :slight_smile:

I went for the scheduler card and I think I’m fine with that