Hama WiFi-touch wall switch 00176551 (tuya-convert)

Hi everyone,

First of all, i’m a newbie and very appreciative of this project. I’m getting to know the system and it’s use. I have some smart products in my house that are supported by default but I also have a Hama switch that isn’t (link below).


How would I go about to add this device to my Home Assistant?
If this isn’t the place to ask this question or if there is an obvious place I should have started that I missed just let me know.

Thanks in advance, kind regards,

It looks like a tuya device. To be sure, install tuya or smart life app, put your switch in pairing mode and see if you can pair it with tuya or smart life.

Hi Francis, thanks for the tip!

The device works with an app from Hama “Hama Smart Solution” that works with an account that I have to log into that only works via their cloud. I don’t like to share the data with them nor do I like it that it’s conditional on my internet connection. I don’t know if this Hama device will be recognized by Tuya and it works with Cloud polling so also with an internet connection.
I can’t seem to find a “Smart life” integration for Home Assistant so I wouldn’t know how that would work.

In my best case scenario I would be able to integrate this switch on my local network only…
What are your thoughts on that?

Meanwhile I’ll try to pair it with Tuya and/or Smart Life to see where that leads.

The ‘Smart Life’ integration is called ‘tuya integration’ with platform: smart_life

But if it works with either tuya or smart life, chances are you can use tuya-convert to flash tasmota on it and make it a real local integration. But first you need to know if it really is a tuya device.

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Ah, that explains it. Great, I’ll get to work with renewed vigor.
Thanks, I’ll report back when I have new information.

Allright, finally had some time to look at it.

It definetly is a Tuya device, from the moment I started the Tuya app it was clear. Did some reading about Tuya and understand a bit more why it was probably a Tuya device in the first place.

Did a first quick scan of the tuya-convert github, it seems I have to figure out what kind of firmware would fit my device…

Read some more and watched some videos and I think I know what I need to do.

  1. I’ll need to flash it with tuya-convert
  2. Figure out the configuration of it in Tasmota

I found videos from digiblurDIY that seem to cover the whole process.

@francisp Thanks for helping me look in the right direction, if I run into more problems or succeed I’ll report back here.

Reporting back on my succesfull Tuya covert of the Hama switch. :smiley:

The converting process was rather straightforward with the instructions from their Github page and my rpi 3 B+ and for reference this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt5-iZc4_qU.

Finding the right configuration took a bit of trial and error, but it’s now fully functional but this video helped to get a hang of the basics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDoIkd58HRM. I’ve added the configuration to the Tasmota repository, up for review at the moment.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction and good luck for those who are facing a similar situation.

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