Hampton Bay Fan/Light Controller

I’ve got a Hampton Bay controller that I’ve connected to my home assistant with ZHA. The fan seems to be working properly but the light controller is showing up as a switch not a light which is preventing me from dimming the light through home assistant.

In ZHA it connected as a “King of Fans” controller and I can’t figure out how to change that or any of the specs on it to make it view the device as a light instead of a switch.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Are you certain that the light should be dimmable? I think these just have a relay for the light.

I am certain. They are fully dimmable through wink and through home assistant if it’s paired through the wink hub just not if it’s paired directly with home assistant

Ok, then the quirk is incorrect and will need to be modified. I have several of these controllers, but never realized the light was supposed to be dimmable.

I think there is a switch either on the controller or the remote that makes it dimmable but it definitely is. I’ll have to look and see who created the quirk to see if they can modify it.

Looks very interesting. I have a few fans that could use these.
Watching to see if it gets sorted.

See this post. It got me up and running

I confirmed that the light is dimmable.

Removed link to PR, since we are going to move the quirks from zigpy to zhaquirks now and that PR no longer fixes the device type, it just deletes the quirk from zigpy.

Awesome thank you! Will I have to unpair and repair it or just restart HA?

I don’t know how you are running home assistant, but you won’t have to repair, just restart. If you have a venv, you can stop, pull that commit and the restart ha and you will be good.

This might just be the noob in me coming out… I’ve reset hassio and tried re-pairing and neither changed the entity to a light instead of switch. How would I got about pulling the new commit so the entity gets updated to be a light?

---- I tried using the git pul add-in on hassio and it said the repository “https://github.com/zigpy/zigpy.git” does not exist and therefore failed.

I’m not familiar with hassio but at this point it’s likely going to be a wait.

The original PR I submitted would have just updated the quirk for the fan in zigpy, but after discussing with the package maintainers, we are going to remove all of the quirks from zigpy and move them to zha-quirks.

So now there are two PRs.
https://github.com/zigpy/zigpy/pull/270 removes the quirks from zigpy
and https://github.com/dmulcahey/zha-device-handlers/pull/217 to add them back to zhaquirks.

Both of these PRs will need to be reviewed and accepted, then you will need to wait for a hassio release that has the updated zigpy/zhaquirks. Once that happens you can upgrade hassio and you will be good, but it’s going to be a bit.

Good Morning, I figured I start here before starting a new thread as I am sure you all have some experience.

Last weekend I migrated from SmartThings to Home Assistant (so I am pretty new to HA). Got all my devices over except this Hampton Bay controller. I can’t get it to connect.

I know with SmartThings I need to install a custom controller, but from what I have read here and elsewhere that isn’t necessary. So I guess, 1st question is whether I am mistaken about that belief? Is there a custom handler that needs to be installed?

A few notes on my setup.

I am using Conbee II and ZHA. I know the Wink controller has a pretty weak radio, so there is a Zigbee switch (with repeater) in the same room - maybe 10 ft. from the fan.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I know these aren’t super reliable to begin with, what are some alternatives that people have had luck with?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey there,

I used the Hampton Bay controller for a while and I remember it being problematic to switch from Wink which is what I had before I migrated to home assistant. I actually kept Wink until they required a subscription just for these controllers.

If you haven’t already, try doing a factory reset on the fan controller. It requires turning it on and off I think 5 times. If you look up the instruction manual it’ll have instructions on doing that.

Once I did the factory reset it connected right away but was still not very responsive.

I would suggest going toward the Inovelli controller…. Red Series Fan and Light Switch | Z-Wave | Inovelli

A couple key features on the Inovelli, it has a physical switch controller that mounts into the wall with AC power. That switch controller can also control any other device through Home Assistant by programming scenes into automations. I have one of these programmed to toggle a lamp if I double-tap the fan light button. It also has a lot more capability that can make your whole system more user friendly.

Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks for the reply. My fan is NOT hardwired back to a physical switch. In the absence of the Wink controller, it is only operated from the pull cord. Will the Inovelli work with that or does it require that the fan be hardwired to the switch?

The Inovelli switch will need to be hardwired but I don’t believe it needs to be on the same circuit as the fan. It wirelessly connects to a controller module that goes into the fan (like the hampton bay one).

This hampton bay fan will work and show up in zha but the slider doesn’t control all 4 speeds.

I have the fan and am using zigbee2mqtt and have full control of the fan, no custom software needed as it is built into zigbee2mqtt and It works fine. Here’s how it looks on zigbee2mqtt


I have a couple inovelli fan/light switches as well. I like those better honestly, but haven’t replaced the Hampton in the one room. As pointed out above, The inovelli ones do not need any wiring between the fan and light. There is a seperate controller in the canopy, and the switch in the wall, that communicate through wireless rf. Both will require power though, but they don’t have to be on the same circuit. You will need a neutral in the wall at the switch end for it as well though. The inovelli is also zwave, not zigbee, so you will need a zstick as well if you don’t have one.

I see you had trouble connecting it. These fans are also very difficult to pair. You have to flip the switch up and down 5 times for pairing/factory reset also like pointed out above. I have my zigbee stick in the same room with it as well, as they have a weak radio. Also during pairing make sure the old Smartthings hub is unplugged, along with any other zigbee controllers, like alexa, so it doesn’t try connecting to those.

Here’s the manual https://images.homedepot-static.com/catalog/pdfImages/a2/a2434365-e373-414b-b712-3a32a5698de6.pdf

Proper solution would be to change zha-quirks for King Of Fans MR101Z fan in zha-device-handlers:


FYI, there’s a quirk update request for King Of Fans MR101Z fan in ZHA Device Handlers repo here:


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