Handling multi sensors as a single instance?

I built multiple multi sensors(currently in three different rooms) based on ESP32 with Bluetooth device tracking, temperature, humidity, light sensitivity, motion sensors. Software/firmware used is ESPHome so that each multisensor is detected quite easily by Home Assistant. The problem is the configuration part should those be manually declared in HA or is there anything better to manage this?

I want to build presence detection on top the multiple sensors possibly five multi-sensors for each room. Presence would be based on Bayesian component by combining multiple presence results. The thing is that in configuration the declaration of sensors v1, v2 … v5 would be really ugly and if some sensors get added and removed it really get messy. Is there are a better way to declare multiple sensors as a single instance, grouping I think doesn’t add much value in this case?

If the multisensor is detected by Home Assistant, what is the ‘configuration part’ you are referring to?

If the multisensor is not automatically detected, then there’s a need to manually configure it in the config file.

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Multisensors are auto detected by HA, but in case each sensor is doing device tracking which means I have device_id_1, ... device_id_N how do I handle these as a single entity without declaring each in configuration?

How do you propose such a feature would work?

Home Assistant doesn’t know which device_trackers belong together so it does not do anything automatically to make them appear as a single entity.

I suggest you consider exploring these concepts and see which one meets your needs:
Template Sensor