Hantech AC


Does anyone use a Hantech AC (specifically the “ELEGANT 12.000”) and knows about its compatibility with HA?

It has wifi included and there is an app for it, but I don’t know whether its running on tuya or whatever.


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I have the same question. Did you find a solution?


Sorry for my late reply. I bought a “Dimstal” instead. Pretty cheap in various evay auctions and runs midea. There is an ESPHome integration for that.

Do you also have the hantech running?
My 12000 HPRO was installed two days ago and I could easily integrate it with tuya.
Did you also try tuya for your hantech?

No I only have those Dimstals and will be using ESPHome with them.

With the tuya local has Integration. I got it working oatb. Which hantech model did you exactly try?