HAOS 9.4 update

hello all

Happy new year to all. PS> hope you all did not eat to much or drink too much LOL

I am trying to migrate from my Debian based HA supervised to a Proxmox vm running HAOS

The proxmox environment:

Dell R7100 with a 5675 cpu and 32 GB ram on this is have proxmox 7.2.1 running and HAOS 9.3. Although not live yet all is working fine. Last friday I udate my Debian based HA … all went well…so i decided to do the same to my proxmox environment.

HAOS had many updates listed HAOS, HA core node red, visual studio. all update well with the exception of HAOS.

After each update i rebooted HA, the HA VM and the R710 for good measure

I clicked on install and it would run for hours (up to 5) and the update just sits there.

no error reports are evident

What am i not doing?

Thank /you in advance for your assistan