HAOS 9.5 installed, vm started, port 8123 not listening

I started the HAOS in my linux server:

I am using: haos_ova-9.5.qcow2

virt-install --name hass --description "Home Assistant OS" --os-variant=generic --ram=2048 --vcpus=2 --disk /ha/haos_ova-9.5.qcow2,bus=sata --graphics none --boot uefi

The system starts, I can login as root, no errors found, but :8123 is not reachable.

The varnish vm is running, and the message “Home Assistant started” is shown before OS login. But I don’t know if something else should be started, or if occured any error I am not seeing.


Thank you.

The issue is about that I’m trying to access to my host machine, but HAOS is running in a virtual machine. This should help: Install Home Assistant OS with KVM on Ubuntu headless (CLI only)

Anyway, it is for ubuntu, and I a running gentoo, so I cant’t figure out how to forward traffic to the vm.


I’m most definitely not a networking expert, but it doesn’t seem like you are specifying a bridge (or any other network configuration) in your virt-install command. I think you need to specify at least something. See e.g. the manual.

How you would set that up on Gentoo, I don’t know, but maybe the gentoo wiki networking page would be a good place to start?