? HAOS Add-on using the video output for browser/Kiosk?

I’ve been looking for an add-on for Home Assistant OS that would capture the video output to provide a browser probably showing Home Assistant’s interface in Kiosk Mode.

IMHO it is possible to do so by assigning the video hardware/output to the add-on.

The goal is to use the hardware HAOS is running on as a display source as well.

I guess another method would be to install Proxmox, HAOS in a VM and some other OS in another container or VM with the latter grabbing the video output. But I’ld like to avoid the Proxmox layer and an Add-on would be more accessible to the wider public.

Note: I am not looking for a custom integration as that would not use the display output of the hardware of the HAOS system itself - a kiosk custom integration may be necessary for those that want to run the system in kiosk mode.

So you want an add-on running a full desktop OS including a browser that can use the video output of the underlying system ?

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In short: yes. But only the bare-mimimum to show the browser.

Add-ons are already pretty much os installations, and when installing selenium in an addon with Xephyr, etc. it’s very close to an OS that can also output this to a local display (they can output to a remote display).

I think a supervised install

  1. Install debian
  2. Install supervised
  3. Install a browser and point it at HA