Haos build procedure for new board

i have buy odroid-m1, and unfortunatly they are not supported by haos, other odroid are supported…
and i’m trying to hack the haos build to integrate the linux kernel with there respective patch, the odroid patched uboot…
i followed the dev guide… Getting Started with Home Assistant Operating System Development | Home Assistant Developer Docs and learned about buildroot…

but i’m blocked on the hassio package buid… they try to download docker image about the build name i try to build on ghcr registry… but this container are build else where…

/build/buildroot-external/package/hassio/fetch-container-image.sh "aarch64" "odroid-m1" /build/output/build/hassio-1.0.0/stable.json observer "/cache/dl/hassio" "/build/output/build/hassio-1.0.0/images"
flock: getting lock took 0.000036 seconds
Skipping download of existing image: ghcr.io/home-assistant/aarch64-hassio-observer:2021.10.0 (digest sha256:8a5ff0a82e329edc9f5c99a93fa44c1d3b46d7edaf3257ad29bfe1c021024367)
/build/buildroot-external/package/hassio/fetch-container-image.sh "aarch64" "odroid-m1" /build/output/build/hassio-1.0.0/stable.json core "/cache/dl/hassio" "/build/output/build/hassio-1.0.0/images"
FATA[0001] Error parsing image name "docker://ghcr.io/home-assistant/odroid-m1-homeassistant:landingpage": Requesting bear token: invalid status code from registry 403 (Forbidden)

my git fork are here : https://github.com/mcarbonneaux/haos-odroid-m1.git

ok i found in core source of hassio the build for other odroid and the odroid n2 a similare they are aarch64.

for docker image : ghcr.io/home-assistant/odroid-m1-homeassistant:landingpage i while use ghcr.io/home-assistant/odroid-n2-homeassistant:landingpage

i while change the BR2_PACKAGE_HASSIO_MACHINE with odroid-n2 for testing.