HAOS + frigate + Coral usb

I have the latest HAOS with Frigate as the NVR, all is running great. Wanted to add the Coral usb and I believe I need to install the software into the HAOS. So my question is with apt-get it can not really be installed and will it break HAOS. Or is it that everyone I read about having the Coral usb device is using docking or the HA install into a linux OS. I believe the Coral device needs the software and drivers to use.

No you don’t, frigate handles it all.

Thats great! thanks Petro.

Did you get this working? I had it working great running in docker, then i decided to run HAOS on my bare metal. HAOS works great but the FrigateNVR add-on doesn’t see the Coral USB. Tried all of the USB ports.

Did anyone get their coral working in frigate? Using VS on Qnap.