HAOS hosts file


Maybe somebody can help for me, I need to edit HAOS etc\hosts file. How can I do tit? Now after edditing ant after reboot this file back to default.

HASSOS runs HASS and other add-ons in a virtualised and locked-down environment with proections like AppArmour for security. This means you can’t get root access to the host OS make changes.

It is possible to change the HASS container /etc/hosts, however this is only for that container and includes ‘internal’ IPv4 addresses like hassio. Install the terminal emulator and try vim /etc/hosts.

I use mDNS names like homeassistant.local and IPv4 addresses for things like MQTT broker config for this reason.

If you need access to the host OS, you can install the self-managed versions of HASS: