HAOS installation issue


I am installing home assistant on beelink u57 mini pc and running into issues during boot. I constantly get mmc0 errors as in the image attached. I tried to install the HAOS multiple times and ran into the same issue. Beelink has M.2 SATA Bus 2280 ssd storage, I suspect the issue is stemming from this but I couldn’t find concrete evidence to support my suspicion. Any guidance to overcome the issue will be very much appreciated.

It looks like the communication with the harddisk controller times out.
I would check for BIOS updates and make sure you are using the right HA image.

Thanks for your response. I am using the latest image for generic Image as instructed in this tutorial. Since I posted the issue, I tried to install Ubuntu and Proxmox on the beelink machine and the same errors occurred for both. Not sure what is the cause of this issue.

Did you look for BIOS updates?

There are no bios updates from beelink. I have sent a enquiry to support.