HAOS no longer boots after upgrade to 12.3

I upgraded to HAOS 12.3 with 2024.5 and unfortunately HAOS no longer boots. I connected my server to a monitor and a keyboard and the only way I can get to a prompt is in recovery mode.

Unfortunately that mode also does not let me use “ha core upgrade --version 2024.4.4”, because docker doesn’t run in recovery mode.

Any hints on how I could restore it? I also tried the trick of unplugging my Zigbee gateway found in another thread, but no difference, it does not boot.

Update: Seems to be caused by the base image; trying to reinstall from scratch with HAOS 12.3 leads to the same error. Trying 12.2 next :frowning:

Update: Confirmed working after reinstalling HAOS 12.2. This is on a Fujitsu Esprimo Q920.

Please log an issue here:

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I’m not able to upgrade to 12.3 on a pi 5.