HAOS not booting on old Laptop (ASUS P52F)


Black screen with white underscore blinking

What I did:

  • flash “haos_generic-x86-64-8.0.img.xz” to HDD with Balena Etcher → success
  • set bootmode to UEFI (cannot configure Secure Boot, as there is no option in BIOS)

Other notes:

  • can install and run Debian 11.3 without a problem
  • already installed Docker and Home Assistant on Debian but don’t know how to restore the backup *.tar on the Debian install, coming from a Raspberry Pi 3B which has a boot loop and I don’t know how to fix, that’s why I want to migrate to this laptop…
  • maybe I have to unpack the img.xz and flash the img?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

HA Container (docker) does not offer the option to restore from a backup. Only HA OS and HA Supervised do. Maybe you can try this:

I got it to work with Debian, but why does HAOS not boot on my machine? Do I have to unpack the img.xz before flashing?

It makes no difference if you unpack or not. Etcher unpacks while flashing, so it should be something else.

Okay, so it simply cannot boot on my device…

But I’m asking me the following questions…

  1. Why can GrubFM (got it on a USB Stick) boot the installed HAOS?
  2. Why can Debian boot on this device and HAOS not?