HAOS not recognising Magic Home LED

I purchased a Magic Home WiFi controller for another LED in my bedroom. It works flawlessly from the Android App, Google Assistant and Alexa.

The +integration shows magic home and asks for a host, which I initially left blank hoping for discovery. After it failed I typed in the IP address and tried again, numerous times. It will not have it.

A quick google later and I found this link:

and copied it to my config with appropriate edits (IP address, name, etc.)

However, I cannot find how to add an entity, there doesn’t seem to be any appropriately named entities when I search for ‘light’ or 'bed1led" (as named in my config). And, I’m not even sure what an entity card is nor how to create one.

Please turn on debug logging for ‘flux_led’ and try adding the device again from the UI

Also please post the full firmware version from the magic home pro app device info