HAOS on proxmox not starting

Pretty new to this HA thing. Started out with a docker container, but as I couldn’t (easily) install addons I bought a NUC. With 16GB RAM, i3 processor and 240GB HDD, I installed proxmox and used the information found here to get things started. After installing, i restored the setup from my “old” core installation.

Everything worked fine. For a day… Now, it doesn’t seem to even start. Looking at the console in proxmox I get nothing. At all.

Anyone know how to salvage this? I know I can “just” start from scratch, but I like to find the cause - if nothing else, then at least in order to know in case it happens again.


Seems that you may have missed a step?

Installing Home Assistant OS using Proxmox 7

No, it was all working yesterday. Think I’ve just found the culprit (have been driving myself nuts trying to find the solution, so forgot to update this post), and it seems whenever I access it from my browser I get a “banned ip” in the logs. Incognito mode works fine. So - thanks for replying, and sorry for not sharing when I found the problem an hour or so ago (which would have been too late, I see, as you answered 6 hours ago).