HAOS/PI4 - ZHA has to be reloaded after every reboot, or else devices can't be controlled after X hours


i have a weird problem for over a month now and i don’t know any further how to troubleshoot

my setup: HAOS on a pi4 4gb with a sky connect dongle
i use ZHA for my zigbee devices

the issue i have: after my device reboots (e.g. after a HAOS update), ZHA stops working correctly after x hours. i don’t know when and i can’t find a specific error that could lead me in the right direction. i often realise that there is an issue, because my light automations stop working and it tells me, that it can’t communicate with the devices, even though they are “online” in the mesh

what fixes the problem is, to click reload on the ZHA automation…after that it works reliably…until the next restart

what causes this issue? does anyone else have this problem?
could it be solved by reinstalling HAOS and importing my devices/config? or might the issue lie within my config and i’m just re-importing the issue?
i’m kinda worried that i would have to re-pair all my zigbee devices, because some are not easily accessible to put into pairing mode

do you have ideas how i could troubleshoot this? to get an actual (error) log to find the root cause?

many thanks in advance!