Haos running in a VM on UN-Raid(expanding space)

I have installed Home Assistant as i VM on my unraid server. Starting to use the VM and working well. But I seam to be burning thought VM's  memory.

Can anyone let me know how to expand HA vm memory. 

in UN-RAID v8.12

thanks John G

Space as in disk space or memory as in RAM? I would assume you just shut down the vm and expand.

I’m sorry i did not word it right. i have all kinds of ram and cpu. it just the drive space is over 60% and i lot more i would like to do ,

i tried to stop the VM and added or changed to 512g then 128g and even 1T, and then restarted and shows the same size after restarting.

Anyone know what i am doing wrong?

Thanks for the HELP…

i have been doing more playing around if i stop the VM and change the 32G to 64G then hit enter or click away or anything the 32g comes back…unless i doind something wrong

Thanks Again any help i appreciated
John G