HAOS won't boot without internet access

I have a situation where internet access does not come back automatically after a power outage. There are timing problems because the Comcast XB8 in bridge mode, and pfSense. It requires power cycling the modem twice to resolve. But this is not possible if one is not on-site.

So, I installed Z-Wave smartplugs, one on my router, and one on my modem, and created HA automation to automatically power cycle based on ping status.

This did not work, unfortunately. When power came back, HAOS got a LAN IP from the router, but there was no Internet access. HAOS got stuck in the boot sequence complaining about lack of Internet, until I came home hours later and power cycled the modem

This is a big problem for me. Event though I have the modem and router both on UPSes, the power outages can last much longer than the UPS capacity. The lost recent ones were 4 and 8 hours. One was scheduled maintenance by the utility.

Is there any way to force HAOS to boot up without internet ?