Haptic feedback for button entities on an entity card

if one has a button entity on an entities card, like illustrated in the screenshot below:


the switch element at the bottom has haptic feedback, but the button entities have not. From my experience, the way the button UI is currently implemented, it shows even less visual feedback (at least on a dark theme on my android mobile) than the switch whose changed state after pressing is clearly visible.

Often I wonder “did I really hit the button or did I miss it?” because the subtle flashing of the button background is almost impossible to see while you still have your finger on top of it.

IMHO the button needs the haptic feedback even more than the switch, but I could not find any way to enable it. The standalone button card does have haptic feedback, but most often I want to have stuff that belongs together in one entity card.

Therefore, and for consistency with switch entities, please implement haptic feedback for button entities.