Hard-wired ON/OFF and dimming scene selector

I have several nanoleaf downlights that I want to control using wall switches. The trick is that I don’t want to cut electrical power to them to turn them off. Instead I want the switches/dimmers on the wall to send a scene configuration and have the lights respond appropriately.

The motivation is so I can traditionally control the lights and brightness, but still be able to control them digitally through home assistant. If I used a normal smart light switch, the light would lose power and state when turned off. Also, dimming isn’t supported using a traditional dimmer. And turning it on to a specific color wouldn’t be seamless, the nanoleaf would first have to get power from the wall switch, turn on to their last set setting, and then get a signal to change color.

So I would ideally like to have the nanoleaf lights permanently connected to power and have virtual switches/dimmers controlling them. But since the switches would be in the original light switch junction boxes with power I’d rather have them hardwired to avoid batteries. Are there any products like that available? Basically a hard wired scene selector.

Several built in smart switches have this option, for instance shelly. I believe it is called detached mode. So look for that in manuals before you buy. But you should also look if you have a neutral wire for the switch. You may need a no-neutral version. That should also work if the light lets through a tiny bit of current, but I personally haven’t tried. If not, there are bypasses you can place at the light.

Check out this Zooz option. I have 4 or 5 and love them. If I understand you correctly, it will do what you want.