Hardware advice

I started with HA green and am thinking IP cameras down the road in 2024. Maybe as many as 8 cameras. Zwave, zigbee with room to grow, used mostly for home automation.
Upon reading it seems Proxmox to run HA, or Ubuntu? But the question is which Intel hardware box?

Dell Optiplex 3050? A NUC? Suggestions?

I’m using intel core i3 2gnd generation with 28 gb of ram, 30+gb of swap and currently 3 ssd. And there is room for 3 more.
If you gonna use cameras you will need a decent gpu and google coral tpu.
My advice to everyone, and you, is buy or get used old comp based around ddr3 memory. They are really cheap or you can get them for free. Look for the one that has cpu with avx, avx2 instructions.
Memory price for ddr3 is low, you can buy a decent gpu, look for a used nvidia, for cheap. I bought coral tpu for 70 € and nvidia p1000 for 70 €.
Those comps are super powerfull to run home assistant, cameras and all the thing you need for as little money you can spend on them. And they will probably work for years to come.

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Thank you, I’m old and not smart enough to know what I need, I’ll do some searching and investigation. I don’t think as fast as I used to either. Lol. I enjoy tinkering too.

I have very old vertical box around that I could retrofit an MB into I suppose or buy an empty to fit.:thinking:

I found this MB for less than $25, I’m USA.
Ddr4 memory isn’t terrible in cost and I have used connections.:point_down:

Dell OEM OptiPlex 7060 Tower Intel Chipset Q370 LGA1151 Motherboard K5F13 7NHRY

Thanks for jogging my memory.:+1: I appreciate the reply.

How’d you set yours up? Proxmox? Ubuntu?

I installed debian on it and running ha in docker. I started with debian and supervised installation but I moved later to docker.
Now I have 30 containers, aka addons, cpu usage is around 14 % and memory around 10 GB.
I’m running frigate, one doorbell camera, go2rtc double-take, codeproject.ai and those are most memory and cpu demanding containers.

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