Hardware failure xiaomi aqara d1 wall switch

I have been running a large number 15+ xiaomi aqara switches main and wireless in my house for about 3 years . In the last 3 weeks I have had two switches fail with stress failures on the small plastic trigger within the plastic cover plate of the switch. This mechanism is the same for both the wireless switch and the main powered ones and is interchangeable between the two.

This small plastic trigger engages the contact switch on the motherboard on the switch.

The switch itself works , but the cover plate can no longer engage the internal contact switch rendering the mechanical switch useless.

I have been unable to disassemble the cover plate without breaking it.

After some experimentation, I super-glued a small plastic block 8 mm x 4 mm x 6 mm in the gap left by the broken trigger and covered the top of the block with a 2 mm nonslip pad . This cushions the block as it make contact with the contact switch on the motherboard.

This works, time will tell if this puts any stress on the contact switch

The following is the stl file I used to print the block

stl file

Hope this is of use

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I have been experiencing exactly the same issue as yours : a second faceplate’s small plastic part (same as in your picture) broke today. The previous one failing more than a year ago.

In my case, it starts with a small crease at the base of the little arm at which time the electronic part of the switch stops being mechanically activated by it.

Will definitely have a look at your STL part. Thanks for posting it.

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I’m having the same issue. Do you still have the stl file? I tried the link but is invalid.
Thank you

Sorry No . Long time ago . It was a very simple plastic rectangular pillar with the dimensions in the previous post. This is slightly smaller than the rectangular hole. I simply glued it to the plastic on the back of the switch

I only have 4 switches left as I replaced the majority of them with internal zigbee switches as the wife didn’t like the “SiFi” look of the xiaomi face plates . I canalise the remaining switch covers .

I actually found a pencil rubber ( the big white ones cut to size) worked as well, it also puts less strain on the contact switch. It also gave the switch a softer click

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