Hardware for 433MHz communication

I just bought a RFXtrx433ex transceiver. I run HA on a raspberry computer, and they claim this hardware would work with the windows emulation mono, but it seems the software relies on Visual Basic 8 (from 2005), and the only installable version is ver 10. Has anyone got this running with modern software?

You just need to run their software to enable/disable protocols, that can be done on Windows. Once configured, you can just use the HA integration, no need for their software for day-to-day use.

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Thanks! I realised that after a while. Unfortunately I started off reading the documentation for RFXtrx. That confused my implementation. It works great now.

Now my only small problem is that I want it to read some thermometer data too, but that’s not important at the moment. Maybe I’ll borrow a windows laptop to fulfil that.

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