Hardware for HA with 2 IP cams

Currently I’m running Hassio on Rpi 3B+. I was thinking of upgrading because I’ll be adding 2 IP cameras (one doorbell, one in the garage).

I also plan to buy Synology DS720+, and was thinking moving Hassio to VM on 720+, but I see that 720+ supports only rear usb port (and I need two of them for Conbee and Aeotec Zwave Stick), so I guess this rules it out (along with DSM 7 not supporting these usb devices) for running HA.

So, I’m thinking between Odroid N2+ and NUC. I want to use Synology Surveillance station as the camera NVR and just show the stream in the lovelace in HA.
I’m reading about the dreadful delays/lag in showing the stream in lovelace.
I can accept up to 2 seconds delay, altough less would be preferable.
Not sure if it matters for the hardware, but I also want to capture the picture and send it in push notification when someone rings a bell.
Also, less power hungry and fanless hardware is preferrable, if it’s possible.

All suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: