Hardware for lights


Currently i’m using a hue bridge (zigbee) with hue lights and zigbee controllers/dimmers
However , i find it quite expensive, and truly sensitive for faults.

My home has pressbuttons (switches) to turn on lights (12v)

What i want to do is having a central place in my distribution box (dont know english word) where my lights come to… and my cables from my switches…
Without having the need for zigbee or z-wave modules, which will be hopefully more reliable/robust?

I still want to be able to use my switches though.+ able to use HA and google home to control it

Now my question comes.
What do i need for this?
Do i need relays (for the lights to connect to) and digital inputs (for my switches to connect to) and then what else?

Is it easy to implement?
What boards do you recommend?
Thanks in advance

If you thought zigbee was expensive you’re in for a shock when you add up the cost of cabling and labour required for centralised control.