Hardware for my new home server

I will go the route using proxmox for my new home server. What hardware are you using. Main usage will be HA and software around HA. Mariadb mqtt, frigate etc

x86 multi-core APU, 16GB RAM, SSD for OS and HDD for data. Sizing is up to you.

Thanks. i have a Beelink gtr5 with 64 gb ram and 8 cores. It has only an nvme and an ssd but size is more than sufficient

I am using Beelink U59 Pro, 16 GB version, 500GB SSD, bought around 230 euro.

I am very pleased with the idle electricity consumption, 5 to 6 watts. Sometime it hits 12 to 15 watts, but rarely, probably when I work on it. Granted, this is a new HA with only a handful thing (Energy board, map, few ApexCharts, etc.), no devices yet.

HA is running on VM, inside Proxmox. I will install Jellyfin later on this mini PC :smiley:

I understand that the gtr 5 is overkill but its here anyway waiting to be used. The new for me will be proxmox but I am retired and have a lot of time to learn. Its the journey that is the fun

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Mine is a tangential question…


I see Proxmox mentioned often, but I have yet to grok what is so compelling about adding another layer of complexity if the end target is to run Home Assistant. I run my Home Assistant on an Intel NUC i5 using the binary file from Home Assistant. I like the simplicity. I have other NUCs (bought used on eBay for less than $100 each) that run other programs and for general Ubuntu fooling around (some call it experiments).

So, what am I missing by not using Proxmox or other virtual environments?

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Well I want to have all on the same server. Not two machines. I have the same now but use virtualbox with debian as host. But now when I upgrade I decided to go the proxmox route. As I see it proxmox is much more stable than virtualbox. And its built on debian so I will be in familiar territory. I am sure there are many ways to do this, I have chosen this.

If so, skip Proxmox and head for Linux containers using Docker and Docker Compose. Or Podman.

Portainer can be used when graphical interface is required.

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Docker is not interesting, even if HAOS is a lot of containers. It will be proxmox. I am just interested in the hardware, and I think I have planned correct

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Proxmox was new to me, and had a small learning curve. I have it running on a 7-year-old laptop where it’s been rock solid. One thing I really like is the ease of making and restoring backups of the whole environment. When there is a new HA release, I make a clone of my current HA VM environment in just a few minutes, then apply the release. If there are issues, I can just shut down the VM and launch the backup VM, again in just a couple minutes.

I get old supermicro and dell rack servers

Dual i7 64GB or more ram for $30USD
6 drives 2-8TB each

I looked at power use of these vs NUC and i’m not sure the small benefit in use over large benefit of resources and stable hardware are worth downsize. I feel anything that is jot multibay will require i run a second server since frigate and plex require at least 6-8TB each.

Plex is becoming less needed each year because of streaming. Went from daily use, to monthly, i do believe given another 10yr i may stop using.

I have a

HP EliteDesk 800 G1

Has not miss a beat got the montor bracket mounted under the desk put a M.2 NVMe PCIe 265G SSD 3 months ago

AdGuard Home (4.8.0),
EMQX (0.2.1),
ESPHome (2022.12.8),
FTP (4.6.2),
Grocy (0.18.3),
InfluxDB (4.5.0),
MQTT Explorer (browser-1.0.1),
Matter Server (2.1.0),
Node-RED (14.0.2),
Samba Backup (5.2.0),
Samba share (10.0.0),
Studio Code Server (5.5.2),
TasmoAdmin (0.23.0),
Terminal & SSH (9.6.1),
chrony (2.5.0),
motionEye (0.18.0),
rtl_433 (0.3.1), working on this now
Glances (0.17.2)

And shit it’s fast

Over kill yes but it control my house

Next upgrade mem to 16 I think

Only down side is AdGuard as that my DHCP server also so when it’s Down it down like when I did a SSD upgrade had to think out side the box get on the web have the work flow sorted now .

Thanks. I have a plex running in my friends datacenter so that is ok. My cameras only record on motion so it will not take up that much space and if needed I can always connect an external hdd.