Hardware for RF 433

What’s the best hardware in home assistant for RF 433 signals. I’ve got Sonoff RF Bridge with tasmota which works intermittently could do with an upgrade.

what is it that does not work with Sonoff RF?

An alternative is a RTL-SDR stick USB stick. You can then put that in a Pi Zero W and get same bridge type functionality as the Sonoff RF bridge or you can put it in your HA machine directly.

The bonus of the RTL-SDR is that it’ll heat your house too. They give off a bit of heat. Check out OMG

A lot will depend on which protocol your device uses.

An RTL-SDR is a good place to start and learn about Radio frequencies.

I have 2 Sonoff Rf Bridges, and 2 Rf Links for the protocols the Sonoff does not support.