Hardware menu "three dot menu"

Hello there,

Running Home Assistant 2022.10.4 on docker and, for the life of me, I couldn’t find the hardware menu “three dots”. I mean, I can see the processor and memory use, but there is no menu whatsover. I remember reading somewhere here on this forum about an issue with that. I sadly can’t find the topic.
Any ideas?

Top right of the page, in the title bar.

Yes, I am quite certain it should be there, however, there is nothing.

I inspected the page and there is nothing displayed. The page displays teh title Hardware correctly and… that’s it. The toolbar-icon is not displayed.

IIRC If you are on container, nothing will show up there because there’s no supervisor. You have to do everything that would be there via CLI.

Is it possible to check the hardware somehow ? I have a problem with a sonoff dongle. Have the TTYUSB0 but not the /dev/serial …