Hardware power organization in home automation setup

Hi all,

quite new in home automation and in not so keen in programing and electricity setups, but managed to set up quite a few things at home…the most of them thanks to large and very helpful community of HA!
At start of this journey I realy didn’t imagine that home automation grows in our homes, we put new and new devices, sensors, esps, motors and everything. The many of them are located in the place of use (f.i. windows, wall switches, at heat-pump, ventilation etc). But some of them are located in my utility-server-diy room which is now filled with raspberry pis, esps, cables. Dedicated wall is now full (1,5m x 1,5 m)…

My problem which is getting every step bigger and bigger is how do you manage to organize and power your esp, RPis, voltage steppers, and stuff?
How do you power multiple esps with 5V (usb, step-down-power supplys etc) in one place?
Do you use one big power supply for multiple esps or…?

Thanks for every idea, answer or any help…

I use a Meanwell power supply with 5V and 12V rails and a couple of digital meters. Loads are connected via two blade fuse blocks.

On my to do list is to monitor the voltage and current out of these supplies with ESPHome and a couple of INA219 DC power sensors and to shift it all into a 3RU rack enclosure.

Thanks @tom_l for this… I’m thinking to install similar power supply (5V) and connect 5 esps in parallel, do you think fuse block is necessary?