Hardware Recommendations for Home Assistant 2022

I am entering to Home Assistant world. There is too much information for a beginner and maybe someone can help.
I need help to choose my first hardware to begin this journey.

My first plan is:
5x Shelly Dimmer 2
5x Shelly Plus 1PM
2x Ikea smart blinds
1x Conbee 2 or something for zigbee
3x Motion sensor
1x Wifi camera with Frigate
1x Alexa
5x Button or something to control automations

First i was looking Raspberry Pi 4 + SSD. As far as I know then Frigate and all Home Assistant needs significant power. Can Raspberry can keep up and there is all time some hassle with Raspberry?

Then i was thinking NUC or some Hp elitedesk 800 g1 ultra-slim. Those has more power but they use more electricty.

My concern is how much electricity they consume each month when running 24/7 Home Assistant and Frigate? Raspberry Pi 4 is about 8w but i cant find informations about NUC or old HP elitedesk etc.

So far i was thinking to buy these:

Beelink GK55 Mini PC Gemini Lake Update Processor J4125 (up to 2.7GHz)
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Ultra-slim

Can Frigate operate with J4125 processor or it need something like i5 processor?

Please help me find hardware which use less power and about max price 250.-
And what could run Home Assistant, Frigate, Alexa first. I also want experiment few addons in Home Assistant like Nordpool electricity data to measure and make some automation ( i dont know how much processor power automation, addons and all stuff inside Home Assistant in addition needs)

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celeron j4125 are 10w max but you can add the memory (ram), hdd , usb devices (…) power consumtion
i love shellt devices but i would go for full zigbee.
to run frigate, i think it’s better to find a google coral (if you can)

Which is the most important to run HA smoothly? Processor?
Any processor examples someone who run frigate without coral?