Hardware requirements

Hi guys,

I looking into home automation server software as part of a college assignment. Can you tell me where I can find information on the minimum hardware requirements to run home assistant? Thanks

Not aware of any minimum requirements listing.

I believe I have seen someone state they are running HA on a Pi model A. That would about the lowest power hardware that I have come across.

Having run on a Pi which barely gets its CPU taxed and now on a server which barely is being used also, HA doesn’t take a lot of horsepower to run.

Other than the documentation? You can run it on a range of platforms, including the Raspberry Pi.

I was looking for something a bit more clear cut to reference. I didn’t think to use the Raspberry Pi specs for comparison. Thanks guys

I have had it running on a Pi B+ for the last 6 months without problems.

Any documented minimum hardware requirements for a product are 90% of the time just a guess which is why I think they are usually called Recommended Minimum Requirements.

90% of the time if you know the software well you can ignore what the manuf says.

Part of your project could be how to determine the requirements.

For a noob like myself I find HA a bit difficult to get up to speed on. The getting started page jumps right into installing the software. There is no framework, technology or skills discussions that I have found.

Maybe the question should have asked for minimum and suggested HW. I agree and this deserves a page of it’s own which should include suggestions for other related HW and why (not specific devices but generic protocols and types of connectivity). Probably worth some discussion of locating the device relative to supported devices. How much space does one need for the DB and does this relate to say storing history and video etc.

Related, in OpenWRT and new LEDE there is a ToH (Table of Hardware) which is an attempt to document supported hardware in a standardized format. Each entry has a device page with additional info for using the device (community supported).

I for one am still trying to wrap my head around why I need a hub, which seems like a redundant piece of HW. If the dives are connected to my network in some way, then why does HA not talk to them direct. I still do not understand what HA does that the hub does not and visa versa.

Unfortunately like many Linux Open Source projects much of what is written is written at what ever level the developers are at.

The reason OpenWRT has such a vast database is because of compatibility with their kernel and hardware. HASS is no such beast because it’s only an application. The hardware requirements are very simple. Any device that can run python 3.5+ and has ~128 mb of free memory would be something like a “minimum”.

Also, watch some of these videos from Ben and you might get a better idea of what HASS is all about. https://www.youtube.com/c/bruhautomation1

Rereading the entire post and my reply, I think I inadvertently implied the ToH for operating systems, and that was not my intent. It was to suggest it be used for Components. My bad!

I think this works well here for that. It would be helpful to sort out the dozens of light bulb items by zigbee, z-wave, etc. But it also would give me a single place to jump to all the items resources.

Thanks for the links, another good source that could be included in the device info where relevant.