Hardware, Software and configuration for my home, Noob

Hello All,

I recently purchased 20, Sonoff Mini that I will be using throughout my house for light automation needs, I have watched the tutorial on how to do the Tasmota firmware updates and adding them to HomeAssistant. I will be starting soon on those

I will be needing help along the way I am sure of it, but that’s all in the future right now I would like to know what would be a good starting ground for the hardware on which I can install HassIO on? I don’t really like the Raspberry Pi its costlier here in India and I have purchased an HP 600 G2 as the same rate as the Pi which has a Pentium G series Quad core CPU, it has 2 drives on it, a 120GB NVMe SSD and another is a 2Tb 2.5inch HDD.

I am thinking about following the Debian install guide from here: Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 10 and installing HassIO
I also have 1 Security Camera that I would like to add to my network, I only need 1 that will be at the main entrance, I don’t want to purchase a separate NVR for this and use the same 600G2 for recording to its HDD. It wouldn’t be continuous recording only when activity is detected possibly with tensor flow if I can get it to work. The camera I have is Hikvision 4MP Dome IP Camera.

Also I would be adding AdGuard to this system as well for network wide ad blocking.

Would all of the above be too much for the PC and should I be looking to upgrade to an i5 or something? Or its probably safe and enough to put this much load on the tiny PC

This should run HA with ease.

The usage of the term Hass.io was deprecated almost a year ago. You would be installing Home Assistant Supervised.

You shouldn’t have performance issues.

Thank you @kanga_who, I have been researching over the past year or so, that’s why the HASS.IO name stuck with me.

One last question is that I have basic knowledge of Linux, so is there any recommendation for an operating system for Home Assistant, I have installed tons of Ubuntu instances for work and I can also work with Debian, I know Debian is recommended, but at the end, everything is inside a “Docker container” so can work on pretty much any scenario including Windows if we want to right?

Debian 10 is the only supported OS for HA Supervised.

I think it was @nickrout that said this, “Friends don’t let friends use Windows”.

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