Hardware suggestion

Hi, can you suggest me working harware for rfid reader, motion sensors, high power buzzer, ecc ecc raspberry 4 and Home Assistant compatible?

Thank you

Unless they are broken when you get them then they should work.
RFID is probably going to be a DIY using ESP-Home, not the raspberry. Motion sensors and buzzer, what protocol?

I have to to build solution from 0, then I can choose all open protocol

In that case you need to research and think about what protocol you want to use.
It’s far better if you do this on your own

For other project I have this controller:

Is it compatible with home assistant software?

There is i2c, so in theory you could connect it to an ESP. Not sure what you will get out of it.

But without digging to much in to what it is, I assume the connection points are something you could also read the state of. Probably need a voltage divider but perfectly doable.

Now I’m testing this solution:
Uhppote controller—>uhppote-mqqt—>mqtt-brocker—>HAOS
uhppote-mqqt https://github.com/uhppoted/uhppoted-mqtt
mqtt-brocker: Msquitto

Can this solution works in your opinion?

Don’t know, never hear of it