Hardware to get for automating the bathroom fan

Looks like I need to automate the bathroom fan since no one can remember to turn it off after their shower. I need a wall mounted on/off switch and a humidity sensor. Which switch and sensor should I be looking at?

I was going to post a similar question and thought I’d share a solution that I already have working in our largest bathroom where the switch controlling the fan is somewhat far away from the shower enclosure. I replaced the switch with a TreatLife SS02S (wife likes the rocker design) and used an Aqara WSDCGQ11LM battery operated humidity and temperature sensor stuck with double sided sticky tape to the shower stall wall, close to the ceiling. I have another one mounted in the bedroom.

There is a simple automation that turns the fan on when the humidity inside the shower stall exceeds that reported by the other one by a fixed amount.

The Aqara uses Zigbee so the battery should last for a while but the other bathrooms are small and a switch with an integrated humidity sensor would leave me with fewer batteries to worry about.

Hopefully someone has found one that works well.

Hi guys ,

I have two Sonoff TH16 and temp/tumidity sensor . While I found the switch and temperature sensor very useful , I have not found any practical use for humidity sensor

Now might be I try the same idea to put the TH16 inside the fan enclosure but was not sure how to implement this in practices given that the wall switch will cut the power to the TH16 ( i think this still solves the original problem that others do not remember to turn the fan off ) but means it will be offline most of the times . Any thoughts ?

Note only the middle sensor has temp and humidity and I think for this to work I need a smart wall switch , If true then that is too much stuff