Hardware to run Homeassistant on

Searching for Hardware plarrform to run Homeassistant, influxdb maybe grafana.

Hey I started with a rasperry pi but learned that sd card is not a reliable solutin for influxdb use.

I also saw that suggested hardware update ssd + … are quit expensive and therefor I wonder if other hardware solution would be more fitting.

As example firewall pc look nice to me and could over good hardware package for a affordable price.

Or a mini pc like

NiPoGi Mini PC, Intel Celeron N5105(bis zu 2,9 GHz) Mini Computer, 12GB RAM 256 GB M.2 SSD Business Mini PC, Mini Computer unterstützt 4K UHD Triple Display, Dual Brand WiFi, Gigablit Ethernet, BT 4.2

Power consumption of course is a topic because the devise will run 24/7

Could you suggest me a plattform ?

What is your prefered Hardware and why ?.

I started with rPi on SD, then had an SD fail and I started to question my decision. Then it got slow, so very slow, as I kept adding to my HA so I switched it to an SSD and that was a world of difference. Eventually my system outgrew that too, again getting far too slow, so I moved it to a virtual machine running on my home server, giving it four processors and 8GB of RAM and it’s been doing very well.