Harmony Activities, Volume Slider, and Lovelace

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Yeah I’m getting the same impression to be fair
I’ve set the update interval to 120 secs, in the hope of staying within the request limit. I can live with a 2 minutes delay.


Mine is set to 90 and I hit the limit around half way through the day for some reason. I think they lowered the free limit.


According to the site, it’s 60 API requests per hour


Awesome write up Petro! I will definitely be attempting to set this up once we get into our new home. I also have a newer Yamaha receiver, but waiting until we move into our new home to set it up. Right now I have two harmony hubs running (one in LR and BR).

Do you have any recommendations for a simple setup on the lovelace IU? I’m only running
TVs in each room with soundbars (two hubs), so this seems like overkill for my current setup. I was just wondering if you have an suggestions. Again, thank you for all your contributions within the community. I’m fairly new to the Home Assistant community and noticed you are always posting awesome stuff.


It’s really up to you. You need to answer these questions:

  1. How do you want to turn on your activities? Dropdown or Switch? Personally, I hate dropdowns on cellphones, so I went with switches.

  2. Do you want quick access to volume controls?

  3. Do you want the volume to disappear when the system is off?

If yes, then you still will pretty much mimic a lot in this thread. For the simplest setup. You’d still need a way to activate your activities, which would just be the template switches. Volume controls are on the media players so you wouldn’t need that.


Thank you again, Petro. Great points! I’m sure I’m just over thinking it as far as incorporating volume using standard harmony controls. If I understand correctly, I just wont be able to incorporate the slider given harmony won’t report volume back to Ha. Is this correct? I definitely prefer switches over dropdown too. Going to start on this tonight.