Harmony Hub Config is empty

Hello Folks, I have two harmony hubs however one of them has empty config file

    "Activities": {},
    "Devices": {}

Above is all I see. Also the hub activity is not updated in the remote card, Any ideas?

I’ve been in the exact same situation for at least several days. I have 6 Harmony Hubs. They were working fine a few days ago, but now all 6 conf files are empty. I thought it might be the result of recent updates, but when I rolled back HA, it made no difference. One of the Harmony Hub conf files populated briefly earlier today after a HA reboot, but then the next HA reboot it was blank again. I’ve tried everything I can think of, which admittedly isn’t a whole lot. My Harmonys are working normally otherwise and I have no issues with my Harmony’s connection with ISY. Nothing has changed as far as I know, just HA isn’t talking to the Harmony Hubs anymore. Help please!

Factory resseting my hub solved the issue